Since 1981 AM and Associates has processed over 200mm lbs of material and is a leading provider of surplus and off specification chemicals for non-critical market applications. Some of these materials would have been destined for incinerators and landfills if not for our expertise and experience.
We purchase surplus and off specification MDI,
MDI pre-polymers, TDI and polyols (diols,triols,
co-polymers) from all the major manufacturers and end users both domestic and foreign. Located in a 45,000 sq ft facility, our tank capacity is 400,000 lbs with tote and drum capacities in excess of 1.5mm lbs plus off site rail storage for up to 6 cars. Our blends consist of 2 to 6 different products and are used internally as well as for lower cost end use applications. To insure confidentiality all materials shipped are repackaged utilizing our own product data sheets and MSDS’s.

For more information contact:
Roger Berusche or 951 808-0600 ext. 22 or roger@pplc.net
Rick Barker at 951 808-0600 ext. 26 or rick@pplc.net